Revealed: Consortium to lodge a complaint with the International Criminal Court 2

The former deputy prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda responsible for the 1994 genocide has announced that crimes against humanity have been committed in Southern Cameroons. Speaking of the Anglophone crisis that began in November 2016 in Cameroon, renowned Barrister Bernard Acho Muna during a press conference on March 1 2017 revealed that a complaint will be lodged with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“According to the Geneva Convention of 1949, we speak of genocide when you want to change the way of life of a people with a culture of their own. Anglophones are a national group, wanting to enjoy their justice system as Francophones also enjoy their judicial system. In trying to force these people to adopt a culture that is not their own, it is genocide. When you break the doors of students in the university residential area, you roll them in mud, it is also genocide. When you shut down internet, this is an element of genocide.” The much respected Muna said.

On the subject of the complaint to be submitted to the ICC, Bernard Acho Muna said that, “I have been in contact with some lawyers in London to assist in the process and the legal proceedings have been mandated by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium currently led by Barrister  Agbor Felix Nkongho.”

By Sama Ernest