Sanders attacks Trump, Clinton 0

US Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has attacked both his Democratic and Republican rivals, following the latest primary victory by fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton. Sanders on Sunday called on Americans to refrain from voting for either Republican presidential contender Donald Trump or Clinton in November’s election. Addressing supporters in San Diego, California, Sanders blasted Trump for “insulting” women, minorities and veterans in the US while taking a swipe at Clinton for using “Wall Street” money for campaign.

The comments come after Clinton won the Democratic primary in Puerto Rico. The Democratic frontrunner grabbed more than 64 percent of the vote against her rival Sanders. The former secretary of state has now bagged all 60 delegates at stake in the island territory. The victory gives Clinton a significant boost in the long-fought battle for the party’s presidential nomination. It comes ahead of Tuesday’s culminating round in the states of California, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota and Montana. Meanwhile, Clinton once again slammed her leading Republican challenger over some of his comments, saying she would lead a contentious campaign against Trump.

Clinton added that she would use every opportunity to point out why she believes Trump should never get near the White House. She made the remarks in an event in Sacramento. Since Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee in early May, Clinton has directly challenged his ability to handle foreign policy issues and has taken to labeling him a “loose cannon” who will make it more difficult for Washington to operate on the global stage. Recently, Trump slammed Clinton for her foreign policy ‘debacles,’ calling for her to be put behind bars over her “bad judgments.” This year’s US presidential race has been specially marred by countless instances of scandals, mudslinging and onstage vulgarity, where rivals have time and again seized opportunities to blacken their opponents and push them down the gutter.