SDF accepts federalism 0

The so-called main opposition party in Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front declared over the weekend that the party was in favor of federalism-a demand formulated by the leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium. The SDF declaration was made during a National Executive Committee meeting that held on Saturday in Nkolfoulou in Soa in the outskirts of the nation’s capital.

The SDF believes that federalism could allow the country to emerge from the serious socio-political crisis in which it has been plunged since November 2016, the date of the beginning of the Southern Cameroons uprising led by teachers and lawyers in Anglophone Cameroon.

Under the guidance of Chairman John Fru Ndi, the SDF had advocated for federalism ever since 1997. The leadership has also proposed the opening of a frank dialogue as the only way forward towards resolving the Anglophone crisis.  The Social Democratic Front stated in the Nkolfoulou resolution that the Biya Francophone regime should release the detained leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium and follow with the immediate restoration of the Internet, whose cut has paralyzed activities in West Cameroon.

The idea of federalism has been rejected by the consortium of criminal gangs running the country. In a speech to the nation, Paul Biya, pointed out that the idea of federalism was divisive. For Biya, Cameroon is “One and Indivisible and will remain so.”

By Sama Ernest