SDF MPs boycott opening session of parliament in French Cameroun 0

SDF Members of Parliament have boycotted the opening session of the national assembly in Yaounde.  The predominantly Southern Cameroons bloc of elected representatives all gathered at the regional headquarters of the party in Olezoa district in Yaounde during the rituals at Ngoa Ekele.

Cameroon Concord News learned that the decision to boycott the opening ceremony of the 3rd parliamentary session, is the first action of a series whose goal is “to force the Biya Francophone government to find a lasting solution” to the crisis that has rocked Southern Cameroons for more than a year now.

An SDF statement  said “We believe it is now time for parliamentarians in accordance with Article 4 of the constitution to take their responsibilities. It is a question of how far we can, in our own way, expose to the public, to the national and international public, the serious situation that prevails in our country.”

SDF Secretary General, Jean Tsomelou, was quoted as saying that the opening ceremony of the Senate at the Palais des Congres in Yaounde will also be boycotted. The opening session witnessed the participation of Martin Belinga Eboutou Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency, members of the French Cameroun Government and the President of the Senate

By Sama Ernest, CCN