SDF NEC meeting takes a tough stance against Biya and the ruling CPDM 3

Members of the National Executive Committee, NEC of the Social Democratic Front Party, SDF have empowered their National Chairman NI John FRU NDI to handle the current crisis in the two English Speaking regions which seems to be going out of proportion.

In a meeting held last Saturday and Sunday January 28-29, 2017 NEC members unanimously noted that the Biya regime has done nothing to calm the situation but has instead aggravated with rampant arrests.

The SDF also called on the immediate liberation of all Anglophones arrested during and after the strike action.

Complete Resolutions:

  1. Enjoins the Biya regime to immediately and unconditionally release all those abducted or kidnapped and who are presently held in prisons of Yaoundé or at least send them back to their respective places of origin where purported offenses were committed for trial by the competent court in these regions in order to guarantee a free fair and credible trial
  2. Reiterates our call on the government to bring to book all the perpetrators of human rights abuses by the forces of law and order and the administration most of which is abundantly documented
  3. Enjoin Mr biya to immediately bring to an end the De facto state of emergency and militarization of the 2 English speaking regions.
  4. Calls on stake holders and all those adversely affected to take this issue of collective punishment which constitutes human rights abuse through selective internet deprivation to the appropriate international courts for the government indemnify all affected subscribers by internationally acceptable amounts
  5. Invites the Council of Peace and Security of the UN and the AU to enjoin Biya regime to immediately stop the exaction perpetrated on its own citizens.
  6. Reiterates that all successful Nations exercise devolution of powers most of which through federalism which is not a threat to national unity but a viable factor of unity in diversity and equitable development
  7. That those apologists and sycophants of the current status quo who are opposed to any constitutional reforms are the minority beneficiaries from the regime of the current situation
  8. Reiterate our support to the teachers and lawyers in their struggle for a better Cameroon
  9. Affirms that the Biya regime is responsible for the present crisis putting our national unity in jeopardy.
  10. Warns that if Biya regime remains intransigent and does not respond to the demands heretofore formulated, the SDF will take its responsibilities.

They equally reiterated to Cameroonians that the convening of a Constitutional Conference to redefine the Cameroonians Sate is the only way out of the present imbroglio.

It hereby empowers the National Chairman to seek ways and means in collaboration with Religious and Political leaders as well as Opinion Leaders to get our Country out of the present Impasse.

Culled from Cameroun Info.Net