SDF North West Regional Elections: The Patriarch of Njinikom, Njong Evaristus still in charge 0

The Mayor of Belo, Ben Tosam has been defeated in the North West regional elections of the Social Democratic Front. Ben Tosam was humiliated by the incumbent Regional Chairman; Hon. Njong Evaristus Ndim of Njinikom. The SDF patriarch of Njinikom, Njong Evaristus scored 217 votes as against 192 for Mayor Ben Tosam.

Cameroon Concord News learned that the challenger ran a good campaign but unfortunately with militants who had left the SDF under controversial circumstances. Our senior political commentator in Bamenda observed that Fon Martin Yembe, deputy mayor of Ndu, a prominent member in the Mayor Ben Tosam Campaign was himself a Provincial Chairman who resigned from that position and also from the SDF.

Another chartered member of the Ben Tosam Campaign was Mrs Nyah Margaret, also a former Provincial Chair Lady who too had resigned from the SDF and joined Barrister Ben Muna’s AFP party. Chop Samuel who reportedly scripted most of the speeches delivered during the campaign season for Mayor Ben Tosam served as SDF Communication Secretary but later on resigned from the SDF and joined the ruling CPDM crime syndicate. We were also reliably informed that Nico Kubri, who moonlighted in the Ben Tosam team, had been on the communication desk of the SDF and faced out of the party for almost 20 years.

The SDF North West regional electorate saw the Ben Tosam team as CPDM mercenaries sent to destabilised the party if he won. The SDF-Boyo Division clash of the Titans is now over and Njong Evaristus Ndim has another deserving mandate. At the time of filing this report, our North West regional correspondent signalled that all those elected today were all in the Njong Evaristus list.

By Eyong Peter in Bamenda