SDF protesters to March in Bepanda despite government ban 0

The Littoral Regional Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Hon. Jean Micheal Nitcheu has announced that contrary to a decision by the Prefect of the Douala 5th District banning the party’s peaceful march in support of federalism and national unity, the rally will go on as planned.  The Sub Prefect of Bepanda issued a prefectural order against the holding of the SDF event on March the 4th 2017. Divisional Officer Tchakui Noundie Jean Marie noted that the SDF pro Anglophone march may bring about disturbance to public order within the locality.

The Francophone administrator’s decision came after the SDF party had deposited in his services and within the deadlines prescribed by law a Declaration of Public Demonstration which specified inter alia the different articulations, namely a major meeting under the theme “Federalism and Unitary State” followed by a Peaceful march.

The SDF regional boss in a press release observed that public demonstrations of political parties are governed by the 1990 Law on Civil Liberties that prescribed the principle of declaration and not of authorization. Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu sounded a note of caution to the DO and advised him to guide against the extreme partiality and retrograde actions of the Yaounde regime, which, despite the entire existing legal arsenal, is always trying to maintain the hideous and apartheid system of double standards in method of selecting the political parties authorized to organize a public demonstration.

In view of the above, the SDF Littoral leadership stated that the DO’s decision was null and void and reaffirmed the party’s determination to mobilize and organize the Bepanda protest march.

By Sama Ernest