SDF: Teche Nyamusa leads attack on Fru Ndi, slams his 4 state federation stance 2

An outspoken militant of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Teche Nyamusa Felix has said that Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi will be an X factor after the elective convention in April 2017 in Bamenda.  We understand Teche Nyamusa has been trying to create some political space for himself within the SDF and has eventually announced his intention to run for the 2018 Presidential election.

Recently, he revealed to a cream of reporters in the Bamenda province of Southern Cameroons that he was very confident in his charisma and ability to unseat the founding Chairman of the SDF party during the convention. Teche Nyamusa pointed out that he had already obtained the necessary documentation as required by the internal rules and regulations guiding elections into the National Executive Committee, NEC.

Painted by many Fru Ndi acolytes as youthful and inexperienced, Teche Nyamusa also noted that he had already deposited his file at the office of his ward chairman for onward transmission to the National Executive Committee. He hinted that for the SDF to smile again and have a break through after 27 years, power must change hands. He recounted how the party had already witnessed a sharp decline and dwindling returns in the National Assembly with tremendous reduction of seats and Councils.

He launched a scathing attack on Chairman Fru Ndi and observed that the national Chairman has ran out of innovative ideas and was simply recycling what he had some 20 years ago which are ineffective. He rubbished Fru Ndi’s idea of a four states federation.

By Sama Ernest with files from Eden Newspaper