SDF to conduct investigation into the Eseka train disaster 0

Opposition parties, prominent members of the civil society and many concerned citizens are skeptical of the official report of the Eseka train crash that rocked the nation on October the 21st 2016. Accordingly, each camp has reportedly set up its own commission of inquiry.

This weekend, the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the main opposition party announced that it will conduct its own investigation into the train crash which government sources say claimed the lives of 79 people and wounded 600 others.

The SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi was quoted as saying that a legal commission has been established to investigate the Eseka train accident consisting of 7 members including experienced lawyers. An SDF insider hinted Cameroon Concord News that the commission will burst the truth that the government is trying to bury.

Cameroon’s opposition groups have unanimously described as “misleading” the commission created by the Head of State, composed of members of government, which must render its findings to the President of the Republic by 24 November.

By Rita Akana