SDF to participate in French Cameroun presidential elections 0

The long awaited congress of the so-called main opposition party in Cameroon has been announced for October 2017.  It is at the end of the October meeting of the Social Democratic Front that French Cameroonians would know the name of the candidate invested to challenge the 84 year Biya during the elections of 2018 that has been banned in Southern Cameroon territory.

The National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Front met last Saturday in Bamenda under the direct supervision of its chairman, John Fru Ndi. Among the resolutions that stem from this meeting was the announcement of the party congress for the month of October 2017. A congress scheduled for last April was postponed.

Many other resolutions were taken during the Bamenda session, including the setting up of a special commission to report exhaustively on the killings and human rights violations in Southern Cameroons since the beginning of the Anglophone uprising.

In this regard, the SDF stated that Mr. Biya’s regime was waging an undeclared war against the Anglophones in Southern Cameroons. The SDF condemned with the strongest terms, the proceedings brought by the forces of darkness fully controlled by Mr. Biya’s regime against the Christian religious leaders in Southern Cameroon.

The SDF think tank also pointed out that the ruling CPDM crime syndicate regularly negotiates with known terrorists of the Boko haram sect, disbursing large sums of money for the release of hostages while arresting the members of the Cameron Anglophone Civil Society Consortium with which it was negotiating.

By Rita Akana

Cameroon Concord News