Seeking for notice: South West Regional Delegate of Communication bans free speech 0

The Regional Delegate of Communication for the South West Region, Muma Rosette Bih, has banned all debate programs related to the Anglophone problem in both Radio and Television stations. The decision to ban all talks was made known to private media men who were convened by South West Governor on Tuesday December 13, 2016 .

In the release, the regional delegate said the region was experiencing political uncertainty and that the social responsibility of the journalists warrants them not to add flames to the issue. Earlier at the Governor’s office, Bernard Okalia Bilai threatened to send Buddih Adams, Kum Leonard and Tilarious Atia to jail if they do not retract from a communiqué made public Sunday which spelt out the modalities and wants of a new Consortium created.

Reacting to the ban on the debate programs, Kum Leonard the president of South West Chapter of Cameroon Journalists Trade Union said, “We feel that media organs in the North West and South West regions are more competent to give real time information, the debate organized by these radio and TV stations can give the best of information, we cannot understand why we are not given opportunity to do this. It is a slap on face of Press Freedom. We are going to respect the decision because Cameroon is a state of law but we are going to meet with the regional delegate for Communication to discuss the way forward. This comes after the Journalists planned to boycott all public meetings held without English versions of Press Kits.

Culled from CIN