Senegal sets March 24 as new date for delayed presidential election 0

The Senegalese government has set March 24 as the new date for the country’s delayed presidential election, according to an official statement issued Wednesday after a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

President Macky Sall who faces term limits at the end of his second period in office, said in early February that he was postponing an election for 10 months, just weeks before it was set to take place on Feb. 25.

But Senegal’s highest election authority, the Constitutional Council, rejected that move and ordered the government to set a new election date as soon as possible.

“The President of the Republic informed the Council of Ministers of the setting of the date of the presidential election for Sunday March 24, 2024,” government spokesperson Abdou Karim Fofana said in the statement. “The President of the Republic also informed the Prime Minister and ministers of the formation of a new Government.”

Source: AP