Shameful, Disgusting and Disgraceful: Vampire elite has captured and taken Cameroon hostage 0

In a genuine democracy or even any context, there is something really absurd in one man ruling a country for 36 years. Biya is 85 years old and has held office for 36 years. He did not even bother to campaign for his re-election and his surrogates showed little interest in the exercise, aware Biya will win come rain or shine.

Despite his advanced age, wrinkled face, husky voice, diminished swagger of his gait, diapers and uncontrollable anal blasts, ELECAM and the Constitutional Council shamelessly validated one of the most shambolic electoral exercises in world history.

This was the wicked act ever perpetrated against the Cameroonian people who must rise up in resistance. For a bilingual country, it was indeed striking that not a single word was uttered in English.

However, the Republic of Cameroon has a brand new Head of State. He is the 85 year old President Paul Biya who has ruled the country for 36 years.

There were scenes of celebration across French Cameroun and many Francophones are happy to have the ailing Chief Executive as their new Head of State.

It should be recalled that the President-Elect did not campaign but has won a landslide. May he continue to guide his country towards the disaster that the people admire.