‘Sick of lies and scamming’: Southern Cameroonians urge disgraced Sako Ikome and Chris Anu to shut up 0

Southern Cameroonians in Nigeria and in Ground Zero have joined those in the diaspora calling on the disgraced former Acting leader Sako Ikome and his con man Chris Anu to take a back seat amid anger over both men’s mishandling of some two million US dollars donated by Ambzonians to finance the liberation struggle and the deteriorating humanitarian situation created by the war in Southern Cameroons.

From Taraba, Cross River and Benue states in Nigeria to all the counties in Ambazonia, thousands of Southern Cameroonians have opined that Sako Ikome and Chris Anu were completely detached from the reality and that the Ambazonia leader, President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe took a wise decision to get rid of them from the Interim Government.

 Many Southern Cameroonians contacted by our cream of reporters both in Nigeria and in the homeland said they were fed up with the lies coming from Sako Ikome and his gang and that Sako’s exploitation of the struggle for his own financial gains makes them sick.

A 79 year old woman in the Akwaya sub constituency in Manyu who received a face mask that was donated by Vice President Dabney Yerima in line with the Interim Government’s policy of combating the coronavirus outbreak, chanted “shame, shame to Dr Sako.”

Another Southern Cameroonian refugee in Douala, who declined to be named, said the so-called Sako-IG’s complete absence in the numerous crises in Ground Zero despite claiming to have raised more than two million US dollars recently pushed her to the conclusion that “Southern Cameroons leaders are in French Cameroun jail and those truly representing Ambazonia in the West are with Dabney Yerima.”

A senior Amba commander in the Meme County was quoted as saying that “the most deadly virus in Southern Cameroons is not COVID-19, but Sako’s corruption.”

By Isong Asu with files from Oke Akombi Ayukepi Akap