Simon Ngonja killing: Pet dog or Star Building action? 0

According to reports on social media in the nation’s capital Yaoundé, Simon Ngonja, a senior aide to Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute lost his life days after been attacked by his pet dog.

The Prime Minister’s Office has maintained a kind of deliberate silence ever since the incident was made public.

Cameroonians are being fed stories that Simon Ngonja was attacked by his German shepherd dog when he returned from a trip on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

Pro Biya regime social media outlets revealed that Simon Ngonga’s dog had pounced forcefully on him after he opened the gate of his house with some suggesting that he fought fiercely with the dog for his life but couldn’t save himself as the dog kept attacking him over and over again.

However, Cameroon Intelligence Report Yaoundé City Correspondent has hinted that Simon Ngonga’s killer was inside his residence moments before the so-called pet dog operation and that Ngonga himself knew something was up in the Star Building.

Mr Simon Ngonga, who is thought to have been on the phone to his brother when he approached his house, had reportedly told some colleagues that he was very worried about his time at the prime minister’s office.

This item is still developing in Yaoundé!

By Rita Akana with Intel files