SOBA UK Appoints Danbro as its Accountants and deploys an innovative Cloud-based Accounting System 0

Fellow Sobans,

On 22nd September 2018, the General Assembly of SOBA UK met at St George’s Park, Burton Upon Trent under the theme “Together we Succeed” and committed to modernising its financial systems.  SOBA UK is pleased to announce the successful appointment of the UK Accounting firm Danbro as SOBA UK’s Accountants.

Danbro Accounting will provide accounting services, supply and manage a cloud-based accounting system for SOBA UK. The financial data migration phase to the new cloud-based accounting system was recently completed. The Executive Treasurer and Financial Secretaries have been getting to grips with this fantastic new proprietary tool and are excited about the prospects of providing robust financial reporting to our members.

Why is this important to SOBA UK?

  • Members commitment – Members voted to modernise our financial systems and reporting.
  • Automatic reporting – Automatic reports (P&L, Balance sheet, Transactions by Categories etc) can be produced directly from the cloud-based system.
  • Increased activity – SOBA UK’s financial activities have increased greatly over recent years and there is a need for a proprietary solution for easy and instant reporting.
  • Securing data – SOBA UK’s financial data and analyses will be held securely on the system for future members. There is no more use of Excel Workbooks located on private computers.
  • Improved productivity – This will free up time for the executive team to spend on core association activities and engaging with members.
  • Greater accountability – There will be more accountability through independent reviews of SOBA UK accounts by Danbro.

What will the UK accounting firm Danbro do for SOBA UK?

  • Supply and manage the cloud-based system.
  • Provide annual accounts for our members.
  • Deal with correspondence from HMRC and other agencies.
  • Act as the corporate secretary for SOBA UK as would be required.

SOBA UK is excited about this great new development in the association, with the management team looking forward to working with Danbro to provide greater financial insights to both members and other agencies.

Best wishes for 2019.

Kind regards,

Mr John Bawak General Secretary, SOBA UK On behalf of SOBA UK Members

Counter Signed by Mr Ayuk Akoh-Arrey, FIA President, SOBA UK

Counter Signed by Mr Bime Lafon Vice President, SOBA UK