South West Chiefs Conference: Bakweri chiefs at daggers-drawn positions to replace Chief Mukete 0

The South West Chiefs Conference has agreed to hold elections soonest to get a new leader to run the affairs of the association. The Bantu, semi Bantu and Tikar traditional authorities announced the decision on Wednesday August 3rd 2016 following an executive committee meeting that held in Buea the capital of the South West region.

The men with divine power revealed that the chief who will succeed Nfon V.E.Mukete will be known on September the 16th and 17th 2016. Cameroon Concord News understand the custodians of tradition from across the South West region will converged in Buea not only to elect a new president but also renew the mandate of other members of the executive committee for the next two years.However, a hue and cry has erupted deep within the Fako Chiefs Conference on who to replace Chief V.E.Mukete.

The president of the Fako Chiefs Conference, HRH Mokoto Njie, told newsmen in Buea that all was now set for SWECC to get a new leadership. Chief Mokoto Njie hinted that whatever happens in September, the winner will be a Fako citizen. Correspondingly, Chief David Molinge of Muea-Buea was quoted as saying the choice of Chief Njombe Johnson Njoke would weaken the credibility of the chiefs as he is unfit and low profile for the witty SWECC presidency. Chief Molinge even suggested that another candidate could well represent Fako in order to raise the reputation and credibility of the union to commendable standards.

We gathered that Chief Njombe Johnson also did launch a vicious attack on Chief Molinge describing him as being incompetent, not decent and an ordinary third class chief. The new SWECC management would have a daunting task to cleanse the chieftaincy sector off charlatans and restore the lost credibility and nobility deserved by royal institutions.

The same is true for the North West Fon’s Union that has been unable to replace its current leadership over claims of constitutional amendment. Fon Teche Njei who also moonlights as a Senator, is still the strongman at the helm of NOWEFU.

By Cham Victor Bama