South West pro Biya comedians holding emergency meeting in Buea 1

Following the successful civil disobedience campaign staged by the leaders of the Southern Cameroons consortium on the 9th of January 2017 during which it resolved to extend the strike action until Anglophone demands are met, an emergency meeting of all political elites of the South West region is currently holding in Buea under the direct supervision of the former Prime Minister and Grand Chancellor of the National Orders, Peter Mafany Musonge.

Cameroon Concord News learnt that Musonge who himself was humiliated by the Francophone regime during his time as Prime Minister and Head of Government opened the session expressing regrets that schools have definitely not resumed in West Cameroons. A source in the meeting quoted the Grand Chancellor and Senator as observing that the scenario in British Southern Cameroons was shameful, disgusting and disgraceful to the Yaounde regime and by extrapolation, the South West political elites.

Our informant also revealed at the time of filing this report that some of the CPDM officials in the forum have not been allowed to speak. The Musonge meeting is a vain attempt to the South West to counter the all powerful and truthful Consortium. Our senior political correspondent in the South West who confirmed the arrival of the pro Biya comedians in Buea late today, opined that the so-called South West CPDM leaders are taking the last kicks of a dying horse. With Biya already releasing Southern Cameroons political detainees, it is evidently clear that Yaounde is about to open direct talks with members of the Consortium widely believed to have legitimate authority in Southern Cameroons.

By Chi Prudence Asong in Buea