South West Regional Service Heads boycott National Anti-Corruption forum in Buea 0

Reverend Dr. Dieudonne Masi Gams, Chair of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), is leading an expedition to the South West Region to assess the implementation of the plan of action for 2015 and mid-term 2016. The plan consists in following up and detecting corrupt practices that continue to mar the Head of State’s plans to enable Cameroon become emergent by 2035.

Although effective work lasts from June 13-17, 2016, a solemn opening by the Governor and the NACC Chair was conducted on June 14 in the Buea new Council Hall. The NACC Chair had a pad on the back for the South West as one of the best regions that fought corruption in 2015, but was quick to ask, “Where are you today?” Reverend Masi Gams underscored that the heavy projects undertaken in the South West, notably in Limbe and Buea to host the female African Cup of Nations this November, where already giving clear signs of malpractices.

He mentioned contractors who begin without appropriate means and staff, project owners who award contracts to companies with questionable reputation, officials who ask for kick-backs and individuals who witness corrupt practices, but fail to report them. Masi Gams insisted that it was a matter of “putting ethics and integrity in the hearts of our lives, our families, our market places, our workshops, our associations, etc.” He regretted that “every year, public investment budgets allocated to the regions are poorly executed.”

The Buea meeting was attended by administrative, police and military authorities, traditional and religious leaders, Mayors, political leaders, professional groups, grassroots organizations, politicians, judicial authorities and other stakeholders. South West Regional Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, expressed worry that many Regional Service Heads were absent at the workshop, even though he said he informed them.

Cameroon Tribune