Southern Cameroonian arrested for wearing an Argentina National Football team jersey 0

The man was abducted for wearing the Argentina Football T shirt. It was claimed that his T-shirt carried the secessionist colours. But actually, the guy was putting on the T shirt of the Argentina football team which looks almost like that of the secessionist group, the Southern Cameroons National Council.

Security agents in civilian dress instantly contacted the law and enforcement units, who hurried to the venue and instantly whisked him and disappeared with him in a mini bus. The people around could neither question or comment, but wondered quietly as they continued with their different marketing activities.

A certain Pa Kwenti said: “Police acted very quickly to arrest the individual and he remains in police custody at this time, he was certainly taken Up station for questioning, but might end in Yaoundé if found guilty. He could be charged with inciting violence, public disorder and threat to national unity. But all depend on his good luck and financial capacity of his family.”

Source: Cameroon Info.Net