Southern Cameroonians are being killed without any reason 0

Ambazonia Inmates burnt down part of a prison in Buea in protest over being detained on charges of secession, rebellion and terrorism by French Cameroun administrative officials.

French Cameroun security forces fired shots and teargas killing several of the detainees to forcefully restore order at the facility on Tuesday. The French Cameroun regime has prevented the disclosure of casualties. But La Republique du Cameroun’s Joint Chief of Staff, General Rene Meka said Francophone soldiers will exterminate all Ambazonian fighters to put an end to the three year old conflict.

A video showing smoke billowing from the prison amid sounds of repeated gunfire was shared online agents of the Ambazonia Interim Government.

Southern Cameroons detainees also staged a riot inside the French Cameroun High Security Prison in Kondengui in Yaounde and many of the Ambazonia inmates were killed by Francophone security forces.

Thousands of innocent Southern Cameroonian citizens have been detained in connection with the conflict which has displaced more than half a million people since it broke out in 2016.

The people of Southern Cameroons are fighting for a breakaway state they call Ambazonia.

Reported from a Script written by the BBC