Southern Cameroons continued resistance will attract help from the UN 0

A senior adviser to the exiled leader of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government, Dr Patrick Ayuk says he is confident that the European Union and the United Nations Security Council will develop more interest in the Ambazonia quest for an independent state if the people of Southern Cameroons continue resisting French Cameroun control of their territory.

Dr Patrick Ayuk made the remarks late on Wednesday during a telephone conversation with our London Bureau Chief.

Stressing the importance of funding the Ambazonia Restoration Forces and maintaining unity in the ranks of Southern Cameroons front line leaders, Dr Patrick Ayuk noted that, “It is only unity and support for the fighters in Ground Zero that will force the international community to think and rethink the Southern Cameroons question.”

The South Africa based Southern Cameroons academic also said that he is very confident the heroic steadfastness of the Ambazonian people and their Interim Government will get the United Nations Security Council to hold a session and return to their commitments and realization of the UN multilateral treaty obligation towards the Southern Cameroons on 1 October 1961 which Great Britain by some strange happenstance handed the articles of sovereignty over the territory to French vassal state of French Cameroun and France’s proxy army of occupation in the night of 30 September 1961.

The Vice President of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government Dabney Yerima has expressed a willingness to work with the new members of the UN Security Council including Ireland to get a UN fact-finding mission to Southern Cameroons, something that the Ambazonia Interim Government says should be done without precondition given the ferocious intensity of the French Cameroun genocidal onslaught in the Southern Cameroons.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Dr Patrick Ayuk praised Vice President Dabney Yerima for what he described as “responsible leadership”.

By Chi Prudence Asong with files from Isong Asu in London