Southern Cameroons Crisis: 1 dead, 1 injured in Bamenda shooting 0

A man was violently killed in Bamenda the chief city in the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons as fresh fighting erupted between French Cameroun government forces and Ambazonian Restoration fighters on Friday December 28.

The body of the French Cameroun service man killed during sporadic exchange of fire was abandoned on the road as residents escaped the scene for safety. A Southern Cameroons civilian was seriously injured.

We gathered that business men and women operating around the Azire New Church were forced to flee. The fighting reportedly affected the Food Market area including the Hospital Roundabout.

In Yaoundé, the government is losing its grip on power. Scandals are destroying the crime syndicate that has ruled the country for 36 years. CAF’s withdrawal of the right to host the 2019 African Nations Cup has opened a can of worms that might sweep an entire government out of power.

The country’s ministers are accusing each other for the collapse of the plan put in place to hoodwink the world into believing that things are working out well in Cameroon.  The population is devastated while the government is trying to put on a brave face.

It never rains, but it pours. After CAF, there was more embarrassment for the criminal enterprise made in the mold of the Sicilian Mafia.  The World Bank recently released a report indicting the country’s government of corruption, overspending and misappropriation of funds.

This has left many government officials scrambling for solutions, as the country’s president, Paul Biya, also known as the “monarch” keeps an ominous silence which is destroying many of his ministers who fear they could be arrested anytime or kicked out of government.

The regime has never been this weak. Those who have been propping the government are gradually showing signs of fatigue. Years of lying and defrauding the state are clearly taking a toll on the health of these key actors.

The economy is crumbling; the population has lost hope in the country. The government’s mismanagement of the country and its determination to hang on to power despite losing many elections has pushed the population into the worst form of despair.