Southern Cameroons Crisis: Akere Muna says Fru Ndi won the 1992 Presidential elections 0

Barrister Akere Muna has said that the leader of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi actually defeated President Paul Biya during the presidential election of 1992. The lawyer with international reputation who recently declared his intention to contest the 2018 presidential elections made the revelation to local and international newsmen and women while presenting his vision for Cameroon.

On Wednesday, October 18, the 65-year-old Prince from the Mbengui County in Southern Cameroons held a press conference in Yaounde and presented to the public his motivations and especially the orientation he wants to give to the management of public affairs in Cameroon if he is elected President of the Republic.

“I think that I will give Cameroonians hope. My speech and what I will put on the table will stimulate Cameroonians to a renewed hope. I am Cameroonian and I think I will put on the table a program that can meet the expectations of the hour. And let the Cameroonians judge, “said the former Vice president of Transparency International.

In his exchange with the media gurus, Akere Muna also gave out alot, some that certainly did not go well with the barons of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate. This is the case with the one linked to the 1992 presidential election. Akere opined that the elections in 1092 were won by the leader of the SDF, NI John Fru Ndi.

“In 1992, it was the first multiparty elections in Cameroon. I managed the assembly and vote counting. And I can tell you in ’92, Fru Ndi indeed won, “he said before explaining.

“Since we did not have an efficient counting machinery, I had the results of the parliamentary elections that came earlier. There was a room and each had a department. There was a young lad who counted together the votes of all the departments. We began to announce, every day, the results we had to show that we were advancing. The state, panic-stricken, decided to begin to announce the results too. So I did assign someone who tallied the votes of the ruling party, the CPDM. After two hours, he came to see me saying that there was something weird. He told me “the figures given to the radio are the same as in the legislative elections …” At the time, Minister Kontchou was in communication. They decided to pass on the figures for the legislative … Minister Kontchou was called to point out that the figures that were read are the same as those of the legislative ones. He was stronger than the current minister Issa Tchiroma. He acknowledged that it was a mistake. That he put the results of the presidential election in the same drawer as those of the legislative ones. At the time of release the results for the reading, he said, had rather released the bad results, “said Akere Muna.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai, CCN