Southern Cameroons Crisis: Amba boys launch attacks in several cities in the NW and SW 0

Southern Cameroonian fighters, popularly known as Amba boys, have sown panic across the entire English-speaking region today, Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

In Besongabang, civilians could be seen in a video running in different directions when gunshots supposedly fired by Amba boys rang out around a military camp in the town’s city center.

The pandemonium caused by the shoot-out caused the main highway leading to the border with Nigeria to be closed.

A few casualties have been reported, but the full picture of the unfortunate situation will only become clearer when our reporters on the ground will have to talk with military and police sources.

In Buea, Amba boys attacked army soldiers around Bomaka, a highly populated neighborhood in Buea, located some three kilometers from Mile 17.

Meanwhile, a case of serious violence was also reported in Babungu, in the Northwest region.

It was reported that Hon. Njingu Moussa who was traveling from Bamunka, Ndop, to Babessi with two trucks loaded with soldiers was attacked by Amba boys who, many say, were targeting the army soldiers.

Many people questioned by our sources on the ground say the trucks were attacked by pro-independence fighters.

It is alleged that the soldiers later retreated to the Babungo Three Corners where many civilians were waiting for the tension to subside.

According to Cameroon News Agency (CNA) correspondent reports, Hon Moussa and the convoy decided to blend with the civilian population so as to complicate things for the fighters who always claim their role is to protect the civilian population that is usually threatened by the military.

However, on their way back, the shooting continued around the Babungo Rice farm in Three Corners. Four soldiers have been reported dead as a result of the shoot-out at the border between Baba I and II.

Cameroon Concord News Group reporters are already on the ground and they will be providing more news about this developing story.

By Kingsley Betek