Southern Cameroons Crisis: Amba fighters kill soldiers in Mamfe 0

The conflict in Southern Cameroons is still raging and the killing is still going on.

In Mamfe, two soldiers were shot dead by Southern Cameroonian insurgents in Egbekaw, a neighborhood of Mamfe, and these killings have triggered a wave of arson by frustrated Cameroon army soldiers who are unable to find those who have sent their colleagues to an earlier grave.

Mamfe remains a hotspot, especially the Southern Cameroonian president, Julius Ayuk Tabe, a native of Mamfe, is still in the dungeons of East Cameroons.

Similarly, there was also a violent exchange of fire between army soldiers and Southern Cameroonian insurgents in Ediki, a small town some 20 miles from the city of Kumba.

The stand-off lasted some two hours with travelers being unable to travel freely.

More will be yours as our correspondents are gathering more information.