Southern Cameroons Crisis: Amba fighters kill two Cameroon gov’t soldiers in Ekondo Titi 0

The situation in Southern Cameroons is getting worse by the day as Southern Cameroonian fighters who started out with hunting rifles seem to be making significant progress in their procurement of sophisticated weapons.

From hunting rifles, they are slowly but surely acquiring sophisticated killing machines like AK-47s, making life in the territory unbearable. They have killed and maimed many Cameroon government army soldiers.

On Wednesday 26 May 2021, two soldiers were killed in the locality of Ekondo-Titi, in the South West region. The soldiers were blown up by a homemade mine installed by Ambazonia Restoration Forces, while they were conducting a sweep near the border between Cameroon and Nigeria.

In a correspondence to the Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé, the mayor of Ekondo-Titi confirmed the killings and stated that “The two soldiers who were part of a military unit in charge of conducting a combing operation along the border between Cameroon and Nigeria in search of separatist terrorist elements, were victims of an explosion of an improvised mine.”

A video posted online detailing that attack revealed that the Cameroon military vehicle ran over the mine and elements of the Ambazonia Restoration Forces opened fire on the soldiers killing two and wounding three.

These tragic deaths add to the long list of deaths recorded by the Cameroon defense forces engaged in this crisis that has almost paralyzed the entire Southern Cameroons. Earlier this week, 4 gendarmes were killed by the Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces in the locality of Lassin, Bui Divisions in the North West region.

By Fon Lawrence