Southern Cameroons Crisis: Amba fighters will ‘avenge’ killing of Field Marshal and General Transporter 0

Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces will avenge the killing of the Field Marshal and General Transporter who was shot dead recently in Meme, Vice President Dabney Yerima of the Ambazonia Interim Government has said.

Both the Field Marshal of Lebialem and General Transporter of Meme were killed following a Cameroon government military special operation in the two divisions in the South West region.

The killing of the two fearless Amba commanders remain the most high-profile in the Southern zone of Ambazonia since the conflict started six years ago.

Vice President Dabney Yerima said: “The Ambazonia Interim Government insist on the serious pursuit of the Francophone soldiers by Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards, and I have no doubt that the blood of the two great Southern Cameroons martyr will be avenged”  echoing what Amba fighters in Lebialem and Meme had said via an audio message.

Southern Cameroons have been rocked by conflict following the crackdown on separatist movements after Ambazonia’s self-proclamation of independence on October 1, 2017.

The previous year, this area–once part of British colonies in Africa but which decided to join French Cameroon–was the scene of peaceful protests to demand greater autonomy or independence arguing discrimination by central authorities, also on language issues.

Since then, armed groups have proliferated and support for the separatists, hitherto rather marginal, has increased. The government has responded with a harsh crackdown, during which human rights organizations have accused the security forces of committing atrocities.

By Chi Prudence Asong