Southern Cameroons Crisis: Ambazonia Interim Gov’t vows more support for Ground Zero 0

The Southern Cameroons Interim Government has vehemently condemned the French Cameroun regime’s recent atrocities in Mezam and Bui including other rural areas across the Ambazonian territories, pledging to stand more powerfully in support of Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces.

Vice President Dabney Yerima reportedly directed Amba Self Defense Groups operating in Ground Zero to protect Southern Cameroons civilian population and supervise the implementation of “Kontry Sunday” which is a Southern Cameroons name for ghost towns.

In a Wednesday statement, the exiled Southern Cameroons leader considered providing assistance to Ambazonia fighters in Ground One to ease the work of the resistance in Ground Zero.

Provision of such support, the Yerima statement added, is in line and part of the legacy of all Southern Cameroonians martyred ever since the Biya French Cameroun war against the English speaking people of Southern Cameroons started four years ago.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the Biya Francophone dominated army has carried out countless assaults on Southern Cameroons towns and villages. Thousands of Ambazonians have died in the process at the hands of, what the Dabney Yerima statement called a genocidal campaign.

By Chi Prudence Asong