Southern Cameroons Crisis: Another Biya regime delegation expected in Canada 0

Another Francophone CPDM delegation is expected in Canada despite stiff opposition demonstrated by Southern Cameroonians against the political move by President Biya.

Since the end of last week, several members of the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo government have been on mission to Europe, Nigeria, the Republic of South Africa and the US claiming to inform West Cameroonians of the Diaspora about the situation in Southern Cameroons.

The Southern Cameroons Diaspora communities have acted angrily against the action to send these Francophone surrogates abroad. The anti-Anglophone Minister for Justice, Laurent Esso and a certain Paul Ghogomu were jeered and booed in Brussels and Washington.

In a press release made public by the High Commissioner of La Republique du Cameroun in Canada, the members of the Francophone CPDM delegation will be meeting the Diaspora on Thursday the 10th of August, 2017.

By Chi Prudence Asong
Cameroon Concord News