Southern Cameroons Crisis: Army general says European mercenaries, deserters ‘Helping Ambazonians Strike Gov’t Targets,’ 0

The commander of the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division (21st BRIM) has revealed that several Cameroonian soldiers have deserted the army to join the Southern Cameroons Defense Force.

In an documentary aired by TV5 Monde on the Anglophone crisis, Brigadier General Donatien Melingui Nouma, who is also the  commander of  war operations in the war against the people of Southern Cameroons declared that Ambazonian militia are receiving training from European mercenaries and some deserters of the Cameroonian army.

“We know that they are trained by foreigners including some mercenaries and there are also some Cameroonians, some deserters from our army who joined them and who train these people” said General Melingui.

The Francophone Brigadier General Melingui Nouma also noted that this war against Southern Cameroonians “is likely to turn into a completely asymmetrical conflict, that is to say that we face, not a regular army, but hordes Who appear and disappear, a bit like the Boko Haram terrorists that this army has been unable to defeat in the far north since May 2014.”

The TV5 report produced in the South-West region showed deserted villages and supposed Ambazonian troops filmed by drones, practice session.

By Rita Akana with files from Cameroon Info.Net