Southern Cameroons Crisis: At the request of 24 US Congress members, UN Security Council to meet soonest 0

Amid the killings by French Cameroun troops deployed to Southern Cameroons by the 85 year old dictator, President Paul Biya, Inner City Press on October 17 asked the UK ambassador to the UN when his country will call a UN Security Council meeting about the crisis. He replied that any Council member can.

Later on October 17, after Inner City Press put Cameroon question to Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ spokesman and interviewed Abu Fri of Southern Cameroons in front of the UN, it exclusively obtained and published a letter from 24 US Congressmembers including Republican Daniel Donovan (R-NY) to US Ambassador Nikki Haley, to convene a Security Council meeting.

Just after the interview, Abu Fri made a similar but shorter pitch to Haley’s deputy Michele Sison, on First Avenue; to get back into the UN and file this story, Inner City Press due to UN targeting and censorship had a long wait with tourists at the metal detector). Inner City Press had on October 11 interviewed the Biya regime’s ambassador to the UN, Tommo Monthe.


Culled from Inner City Press