Southern Cameroons Crisis: Beti Assomo in Bamenda 0

Cameroon’s defense minister, Joseph Beti Assomo, was in Bamenda in the Northwest region to reassure the country’s soldiers that the government was changing its military strategy in order to reduce the number of army soldiers being killed by brave and determined Southern Cameroonian fighters who have vowed to root out the “army of occupation” from their territory.

Responding to Mr. Assomo’s announcement in the Northwest regional capital of Bamenda on Thursday, a senior Southern Cameroonian fighter who elected anonymity said that Beti Assomo’s comments were simply a pep talk and a bluff to the soldiers whose stomachs are full of butterflies.

The fighter said that “we have shaken the military to its core. The hunter has now become the hunted. We will continue to strike those hastily trained troops where it hurts the most.”

It is up to the soldiers to determine their own fate and destiny. The defense minister thinks a change of strategy may reduce the number of cadaver bags heading to East Cameroon. He is deceiving himself. We have tons of IEDs which are waiting to be used and we will only use them on those young soldiers who do not even know why they are being killed,” he said.

Most of those young soldiers joined the military for the salary, but many of them may never enjoy that money as we are determined to send them back home in cadaver bags. We will fight to the last man. We did not declare this war. It was imposed on us and we will do what it takes to win it,” he stressed.

Their change of strategy might require us to fine-tune our own strategy. We have been holding on our chemical weapons plan. This could be the time for us to roll out our deadly plan to roll back the occupier from our territory,” the angry fighter said.

Meanwhile, a senior Southern Cameroonian commander had contacted the Cameroon Concord News Group on Tuesday and he said their job was to kill as many soldiers as possible.

 He said that “our job is to kill the soldiers and we are doing a great job. There seem to be a distribution of labor and each group is doing its job. The government sends the troops to the ‘slaughterhouse’ and we, the dreadful ‘butchers’ kill the cattle the government sends to us and the military takes the ‘carcasses’ in cadaver bags to family members of the fallen soldiers.”

The military thought it would just walk into our territory and kill thousands of our people and just walk away with sang-froid. We could not allow that to happen to our people. We have developed new ways to fight the enemy and these ways are working like charms. We are no longer fighting them in our towns and villages but on their way to those towns when they are on their genocidal missions. This strategy is producing the desired results,” the commander said.

“The days when they used to arrive in Southern Cameroons like knights on white horses are long gone. We have succeeded to kill their bluff and propaganda. The soldiers are now scared of us. Their tanks are being disabled by our effective IEDs and they know they can be blown up at anytime,” he said smiling.

“We cannot thank our comrades abroad enough for their support which is both financial and moral. We have received good training from mechanical and chemical engineers in the building of IEDs and this training has gone a long way in maximizing the number of military corpses that we produce every month. We had a special contingent of engineers from the United States and China who gave us sound training in Nigeria. We buy the materials in Nigeria and mount the IEDs in Cameroon. Our IED manufacturing factory is working at full capacity and we are determined to make the Yaounde government regret its mistakes. We must rob the government of its legendary arrogance and we have really bad news for Mr. Biya and his stooges,” he stressed.

The production of chemical and biological weapons has been put off by our bosses. We know once the production of those chemical weapons goes under way, we will change the game forever. We have a message for those soldiers who are making the mistake of coming to Southern Cameroons. ‘With our chemical weapons, we will roast you alive and your parents will not have the luck of burying you. You have a choice. Quit the military or get roasted. We are not joking. We want our independence’,” he said.

The world will soon be noticing a new way to achieve independence. We are not participating in any talks with the Yaoundé government. It is not trustworthy. It speaks from both sides of its mouth and it has never been as good as its words,” he pointed out.

“If the soldiers think the IEDs are producing any results, then they are mistaken. Let them wait until we come up with one of the crudest chemical weapons the world has ever seen. We want to kill as many soldiers as possible. We have been reading that we have already killed three thousand soldiers. That is really small. We should be at five thousand by now. It therefore implies that we are behind schedule. We must become Africa’s leading producer of military corpses by the end of the year. The Yaounde government has transformed us into destructive monsters and we must be up to the billing,” he stressed.

Killing soldiers is a lucrative business. Our financiers are happy with us. The money and praises are flowing. All our backers are telling us is that we should reduce civilian casualties and enable kids to go back to school. We are now urging parents and teachers across Southern Cameroons to go back to school. They are not targets. The government and its backers are our targets,” he underscored.

Our independence is in the offing. We have brought fear to the enemy. We have also succeeded to transform Senior Divisional Officers (SDO) into Senior Dead Officials (SDO). They have all fled their duty stations and they continue to run even in their sleep. They are permanently having nightmares and we want to keep things that way,” he concluded.

The world is watching Cameroon and many around the world are condemning the Yaoundé government for its constant refusal to seek a peaceful way out of this conflict that has already killed some 15,000 Cameroonians, including more than 3,000 soldiers.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai