Southern Cameroons Crisis: Both Anglophones and Francophones should join forces to engineer a regime change in Yaoundé 0

While Cameroonians across the world are optimistic about the resolution of the socio-political crisis which has fractured the country and hurt its economy, the hawks in the Yaounde government who are clearly frozen in time are seeking to scuttle plans by the international community to engineer peace in the Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions.

In a press release signed by the country’s communication minister, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, who also doubles as the government’s spokesperson, it is clear that the government stuck in its old ways and prepared to throw a monkey-wrench into the peace process which has received global approval with Canada designated to play a leadership role. The press release stresses that it is first and foremost up to the people of Cameroon and the leaders to seek ways and means to address problems facing the country.

It must be pointed out that Cameroon’s current leaders have never been voted into power by the people of Cameroon. For more than 30 years, no free and fair elections have ever been held in Cameroon and rigging elections is the only way the current regime knows. 

The Yaoundé government is noted for its dishonesty, and it will be preposterous for any reasonable person to trust a word from a government which is on its last leg. Mr. Rene Sadi’s unfortunate release should not dampen anybody determination to bring peace to the country.  

Cameroonians must be willing to drag their so-called leaders to the negotiating table if real change has to occur in the country. Only a massive revolution will change things in Cameroon and Cameroonians must accept that some people have to die for others to live in peace. Power never concedes and freedom is never granted on a platter of gold.

Cameroonians – both Anglophones and Francophones – should join forces to engineer a regime change in Yaoundé.

By Rita Akana