Southern Cameroons Crisis: Buffalos of Bali demand Moderator Fonki Samuel resigns 0

Ambazonia Restoration Forces in Bali Subdivision, fighting for an independent state of Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia, have outlawed all activities of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC.

Over the weekend, the Amba fighters rolled out an audio message warning Christians to steer clear of all PCC houses of worship under pain of death. 

The Buffalos of Bali, under the command of General Grand Pa, blames PCC authorities for failing to indict the Biya Francophone army soldiers following the August 22 incident at Presbyterian Church Ntanfoang that left Rev. Voma Simon Montoh injured and Grace Titalabit death.

The disgraced Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, reported that on Sunday, 22nd August 2021, they were duly informed that:

“Church Service was in session at the Presbyterian Church Ntanfoang in Bali Sub-division, the seat of the Bali Presbytery when it was interrupted by gunshots. The Pastor of the congregation who doubles as the Presbyterial Secretary for Bali Presbytery, the Rev. Voma Simon Montoh was on duty ministering to the Christians in Church when suddenly there was a loud explosion outside close to the Church House, followed by random gunshots. It was in the course of this reckless shooting we learnt that bullets were rained on the Church house injuring the Rev. Voma Simon Montoh on the arm and killing a female Christian of the PCC by name Grace Titalabit instantly in Church.”

The corrupt PCC Moderator went on to “condemn in strongest terms this unnecessary and inhuman treatment meted on God’s children by those who are supposed to protect them. We call on both parties to cease fire unconditionally especially on Sundays and that a proper investigation is conducted by the government and other International Bodies and those responsible be brought to book.”

Southern Cameroons Self Defense Group in Bali claims that the moderator and the parish pastor lied by not out rightly blaming Biya French Cameroun troops for the incident.

After the burial of Grace on September 4, Amba fighters said the PCC would only operate in Bali if the Parish Pastor of PC Ntanfoang and the Moderator resign.

The Bali Buffalos, the Bali restoration forces hereby ban the PCC from functioning in Bali Nyonga until the moderator and pastor resign,” said one of the rebels in viral audio. “Anybody who goes to any Presbyterian Church for any reason in Bali will be killed. All Presbyterian Churches in Bali will remain shut down.”

According to the Cameroon government military, the August 22 incident was triggered by an improvised explosive device detonated by armed separatists near PC Ntanfoang. The Francophone soldiers said rebels had detonated the explosive targeting a military vehicle. Following the explosion, the military fired deterrent shots and reportedly got a response from the militiamen.The gun exchange triggered by the separatist bomb is said to have led to the death of a Christian.

In the meantime, PCC houses of worship remain closed as faithful fear for their lives.

Culled from Cameroon Info.Net with additional editing