Southern Cameroons Crisis: Cameroon gov’t military spokesman sends out conflicting signals on war 0

Cameroon government military spokesman Cyrille Serge Atonfack says soldiers did not carry out any attack on Southern Cameroons civilians in Ako in Donga-Mantung and Bafanji in Balikumbat.  Captain Atonfack noted in a poorly worded statement in the French language that troops loyal to the Francophone regime in Yaoundé have suspended its attacks in Southern Cameroons.   

The Cameroon government army spokesman contradicted himself in the same press release when he   claimed that a military operation was carried out in the vicinity of Ekuru in the Nkambe district by the Francophone dominated army.

The 88-year-old President Biya and his French Cameroun political elites with support from France — launched a brutal war against the English speaking people of Southern Cameroons. The ongoing war was declared to crush the British Southern Cameroons uprising and it’s Interim Government.

The offensive has failed to achieve its goals, but pushed Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia to the brink, killed thousands of innocent people, and destroyed the territory’s impoverished administrative infrastructure.

Captain Cyrille Serge Atonfack’s remarks come amid a four year offensive by the Cameroon government army to restore French Cameroun dominance in the rural areas of Southern Cameroons.

The leader of the Ambazonian nation and its people President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe say the French Cameroun aggressors have to end all their attacks against Southern Cameroons, take out all their forces, end their simultaneous and crippling occupation of the territory, compensate Southern Cameroons victims before entering any peace process that will determine the future of the two Cameroons.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai