Southern Cameroons Crisis: Dion Ngute’s presence in Ambazonia cause for serious concern 0

Southern Cameroons Interim Government Secretary of the Treasury Tabenyang Brado says French Cameroun prime minister ’s presence in the Ambazonian homeland is a cause for serious concern, stressing the importance of continued resistance without interference from Amba surrogates.

Speaking exclusively to Cameroon Concord News Hon. Tabenyang Brado on Tuesady, added that the people of Southern Cameroons are already suffering from a series of problems created by the  more than four year old war, “the presence of the so-called prime minister Dion Ngute is a matter of serious concern for the Ambazonia Interim Government and the great people of Southern Cameroons.”

“Vice President Dabney Yerima announced it loudly that Ambazonia Restoration Forces will not allow certain pro French Cameroun actors to have any influence on the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, the actors include Dion Ngute,” Tabenyang added.

“Southern Cameroons cannot tolerate any new French Cameroun teleguided innitiative. The people of Southern Cameroons have reach a consensus that Yaounde no longer have legitimate authority over Ambazonia affairs,” the top Southern Cameroons front line leader pointed out.

In his October 1 message, the exiled Ambazonian Leader Dabney Yerima said the interference of Southern Cameroons pro Yaounde agents in Ambazonia is a source of discord and damage, warning that all those Southern Cameroonians who suffer from the illusion of trusting in the one and indivisible Cameroon and a military solution to establish security in Ambazonia are already getting slapped.

By Chi Prudence Asong