Southern Cameroons Crisis: “General No Pity” vows to continue fight against French Cameroun 0

The leader of the Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards popularly known as General No Pity  has vowed to continue the fight against Cameroon government army soldiers deployed to Southern Cameroons until the international community delivers on promises of self-determination for the Ambazonian people.

The Ambazonian commander made the remarks in an audio message to all Southern Cameroons Self Defense Groups on Monday, calling for unity.

Go tell it to those French Cameroun leaders that there will be neither peace, nor stability, nor a just and lasting solution to the Southern Cameroons conflict unless the UN Security Council assumes its responsibilities in responding frankly and firmly to the aggressive and expansionist practices of the French Cameroun occupying forces,” General No Pity said.

He further called on the UN to pay attention to resolving the long-running dispute between the two Cameroons, warning that the conflict could escalate and destabilize parts of French Cameroun.

The war is already raging on in Ground Zero. And its dangers and repercussions cannot be avoided if the United Nations continues to ignore the crisis instead of solving it,” the top Amba fighter added.

This came after Ambazonia Interim Government officials told Cameroon Intelligence Report that at least 12 Cameroon government soldiers had died from attacks launched on Cameroon government army convoy along the Bamenda-Wum road.

General No Pity also accused Southern Cameroonians doing business with French Cameroun companies such as Brasseries du Cameroun of supporting an illegal, aggressive and expansionist operation, and the theft and looting of the wealth of an oppressed and defenseless people.

By Fon Lawrence in Bamenda