Southern Cameroons Crisis: Hon Wirba calls for a review of the 1961 Foumban Agreement 0

The respected SDF MP from the Jakiri constituency in Southern Cameroons has said that the Biya Francophone government should engage with West Cameroon elites in relation to the 1961 Foumban Agreement.

In a correspondence dated September 7, 2017, addressed to several diplomatic missions such as La Francophonie, the Commonwealth, the United Nations, CEMAC, UNHCR, etc., the MP stated that Southern Cameroonians are being treated as slaves by French Cameroonians.

The Honourable Joseph Wirba reviewed the Bui incident of September 4, when a teenager was shot dead by a gendarme. For the deputy, it is a “genocide” orchestrated on his people with “the complicit silence and the blessing of President Paul Biya, commander in chief of the armed forces”.

The MP also described the militarization of Southern Cameroons on the eve of the new school year and the suspension of the Internet for a period of three months as “a discriminatory sanction” that has ruined several businesses in these regions.

The Honourable member noted that despite his parliamentary immunity, an arrest warrant had been issued against him. “All this to silence the injustice suffered by the marginalised people of the Northwest and Southwest regions,” the MP said.

Joseph Wirba called on the international community and the United Nations to put pressure on the Cameroonian government to engage in dialogue with the leaders of the Anglophone uprising. The MP further pointed out that he would like to see federalism on the agenda in this dialogue as ruled in Foumban in 1961.

By Sama Ernest
Cameroon Concord News