Southern Cameroons Crisis: Hon. Wirba finds problematic points in Biya’s Anglophone new deal 0

Hon. Joseph Wirba has reportedly reacted to the resolutions of the Grand National Dialogue that recently held in La Republique du Cameroun and will be speaking on SCBC TV on Sunday at exactly 2 pm Amba time. The SDF parliamentarian has been quoted as saying that “Southern Cameroons new slave chains are called special status.”

It is hard to escape conclusion that the Special Status for Ambazonians in La Republique du Cameroun is designed to fail.  However, the much respected SDF MP is expected to make public the fundamental points as demanded by Southern Cameroonians from the international community which will include taking British Southern Cameroons out of the union with French Cameroun.

A cream of Southern Cameroons political elites have unanimously opined that the so-called Special Status is really the safeguard that the Federal Republic of Ambazonia needs. Wirba will give point after point the reason the Biya French Cameroun resolution is not acceptable.

By Fon Judith