Southern Cameroons Crisis: IG urges Amba Fighters to catch enemies off guard 0

A senior aide to the Southern Cameroons Vice President Dr Patrick Ayuk has urged the Ambazonia diaspora to continue to invest in the big rubbergun project to enable Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces catch the French Cameroun military off guard.

“You are advised to continue to support the big rubbergun project that will equip our restoration forces with advanced and surprising capabilities to confront the French Cameroun enemy,” the Southern Cameroons front liner said on Monday.

The Big Rubbergun scheme is currently serving as Southern Cameroons topmost self defense operation, tasked with raising funds, devising, coordinating, and overseeing Ambazonia Restoration Forces operational activities in Ground Zero.

Dr Patrick Ayuk made the remarks at an important meeting grouping Southern Cameroonians in the Republic of South Africa. Other ranking officials from the Southern Cameroons Interim Government and County Coordinators were in attendance at the meeting.

Dr Patrick Ayuk, meanwhile, voiced delight over Comrade Dabney Yerima’s performance as Vice President of the Interim Government.

He expressed gratitude towards the Vice President for the quality of his style of management and the premium state of interaction with the Ambazonian people both at home and in the diaspora.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files