Southern Cameroons Crisis: Interim Government says resistance is only way to stop French Cameroun 0

The Southern Cameroons Interim Government, IG, has reiterated that resistance to French Cameroun invasion and occupation is the only way to multiply and consolidate the gains made by restoration forces in the rural areas of the Ambazonia homeland.

The Southern Cameroons Secretary of the Economy Tabenyang Brado made the remarks during a meeting grouping Ambazonia finance experts charged with raising funds to support the Operation Big Rubbergun Project announced recently by Vice President Yerima.

Secretary Tabenyang Brado also highlighted two other ways to counter French Cameroun military and colonial officers in addition to more aggressive resistance.

Comrade Tabenyang said, the people of Southern Cameroons should and must be prepared to intensify ghost town operations directed by Vice President Dabney Yerima.

The Southern Cameroons official further said restoring unity among all Ambazonia groups remains the most important way to tackle French Cameroun genocide war in British Southern Cameroons. 

Tabenyang also noted that strengthening partnership with the AU, the EU and the Commonwealth along with the free people of the world, is other necessary step to chase French Cameroun out of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

By Chi Prudence Asong