Southern Cameroons Crisis: Kondengui prison authorities reject humanitarian aid from Ayah Foundation 0

The management of the Kondengui High security prison in Yaoundé on Thursday January 10 turned down a huge consignment of humanitarian aid destined for Anglophone inmates detained as a result of the war in Southern Cameroons.

Journal du Cameroun reported that the aid offered by the Ayah Foundation was rejected at the prison on ‘instructions’ from senior Cameroon government officials.  The Foundation decried the attitude of the prison authorities whom they said had given clearance for the relief to be brought in only to later backtrack on their decision.

The French Cameroun prison authorities have not made any public statement regarding the issue but a source at the prison facility observed that the guards had acted on instructions from the prison administration.

An official of the prison was quoted as “A prison is not a refugee camp.” The official also pointed out that it is the sole responsibility of prison authorities to accept or reject relief aid.

Reported by Journal du Cameroun