Southern Cameroons Crisis: Kumba gendarmerie station bombed in Amba attack 0

Ambazonia Restoration Forces have attacked a gendarmerie station in Kumba the chief city in Meme Division. According to witnesses, Amba gunmen surrounded the station threw homemade bombs into the station and fired guns into the building.

No Southern Cameroons group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which followed the pattern of others carried out by Ambazonian fighters, including the use of improvised explosives in Bui and Ndian.

Cameroon Concord News Meme Bureau Chief who contributed to this report said blood could be seen on the floor of the captain’s office. The Ambazonia Restoration Forces were heard chanting anti French Cameroun songs and saying that they would kill any gendarmerie or police officer in Meme.

Ambazonia is the indigenous name of the former United Nations trust territory of the Southern Cameroons under United Kingdom Administration for close to half a century, excluding the period of British connection with the territory from 1843 to 1887. When Republique du Cameroun took control of the territory, it split it into two parts and designated them as “northwest and southwest provinces/regions of Republique du Cameroun.” This was rejected and continues to be rejected by the people of the former British Southern Cameroons. The people of the territory insist on the indigenous name of their Homeland which is Ambazonia. This is consistent with a 1978 recommendation of UNESCO that African countries should call their countries by the name they wish to be known. Here, the designations ‘Ambazonia’ and ‘the Southern Cameroons’ are used interchangeably.

Cameroon’s weak central government has been unable to stop Ambazonia increasingly bloody attacks.

By Fon Lawrence in Kumba