Southern Cameroons Crisis: Kupe Muanenguba Chiefs to sign decree banishing Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngole 0

Traditional rulers from the Great Kupe Muanenguba in Southern Cameroons are deliberating on whether to banish former Minister Elvis Ngolle Ngolle from his native constituency, Cameroon Concord News has learned from a well-placed source within the Bakossi Chiefs Conference. Our informant revealed that the university don has become an embarrassment to the people of Kupe Muanenguba.

One of the traditional rulers who spoke to our Meme correspondent but sued for anonymity said the chiefs were divided on the issue but have been under pressure from the Bakossi Diaspora community to take action against the Biya acolyte who has consistently demonstrated a frightful and unloving attitude towards the suffering peoples of Southern Cameroons.

The Bakossi monarchs in the state of Southern Cameroons have been agents of peace, progress, and prosperity in their respective domain and can no longer tolerate the uterrances of Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, former Minister of the Environment and Forest who is now being use by the Biya Francophone regime as a tool of disunity and destabilization.
The Chiefs are also expected to make public a warning to all prominent Kupe Muanenguba elites that anyone who fails to show genuine understanding of the current Southern Cameroons crisis stands the risk of having his title withdrawn.

One of the Bakossi rulers from the Tombel County was heard saying that, “Today, history is being made in Southern Cameroons and that light has come and darkness would not comprehend at all. The truth has surfaced and the right people have finally become leaders of Anglophone Cameroon not those who are TB Joshua’s tenants.”

By Sama Ernest, CCN