Southern Cameroons Crisis: MAC releases statement on kidnappings in Mamfe 0

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The MAC wishes to inform the community that as a result of the repeated reported kidnappings and demand for ransom in Mamfe, especially and surrounding areas, your Manyu Ghost Warriors have in the past few days arrested two kidnappers.

They were taken into custody by your self-defense forces and upon interrogation, they were found to be local boys and not a stranger from any other area of Southern Cameroons. The interrogation was on conducted camera to ensure fairness, transparency and accuracy. After interrogation, one of victims was also identified and invited to confirm the identity the kidnapper, retrieve their assets and also received a fully apology from the kidnapper. As a result of their cooperation, this kidnapper was only severely punished and then released to the custody of his parent who were also warned about the behavior of their son. The second kidnapper escaped and is currently on the run after an initial interrogation.

As a result, MAC-Self Defense Council has now decided to establish an undercover unit of Manyu Ghost Warriors dedicated solely to tackling these thieves, kidnappers and armed robbers in a fairly no-nonsense and robust manner.

MAC therefore writes to inform everybody that kidnapping and demand for ransom is unacceptable anywhere in Manyu Region and anybody caught shall be severely punished.

MAC also informs the community to be vigilant and report any kidnapping or demand for ransom to MAC. The Ghost warrior visits shall be in the random, robust and effective and do not become the next arrested kidnapper as the consequences shall be more severe. Please do inform all relations to exercise restraint especially those young boys who neither fighters but whose education has been severely disrupted to refrain such criminal activities.

God Bless Manyu or MidWest Region.

Sincerely,The Manyu Advisory Council