Southern Cameroons Crisis: Manyu Advisory Council Chairman vows to work with the IG 0

Accept my revolutionary greetings this morning, in the spirit of love, cooperation, unity and understanding, in the name of our long abandoned Manyu and her suffering and subjugated citizens.

I sincerely thank all who have conveyed congratulatory messages to me, publicly and privately, on my being called to be head servant of Manyu and driver of the bus of our collective destiny in this most trying times in the history of our fatherland. I also thank those who receive news of my election by the MAC differently, for they also have the interest of Manyu at heart.

Manyu has many bright, talented and capable minds. Many out there are far smarter and more capable than me to serve in this capacity. Unfortunately there can be only one leader at a time. Incidentally that onerous responsibility has fallen on my shoulders at this time. The task of taking our darling Manyu to her rightful place at the committee of counties and/or zones/regions in the current and future dispensations is too much to be carried by one head. That’s why I’m calling upon every Manyu son and daughter to bring in their respective skill sets, experience and other resources to the table. Our tent is wide enough to accommodate everybody, every idea and suggestion.

I specially thank the able men and women of MAC, other Manyu groups, and freelance citizens, for working hard to protect and defend the interests of Manyu at all times. I also thank our wonderful Amazons serving our hugely successful Manyu Health Project, Manyu Capital Ventures, as well as others. I thank all those who have contributed and are still contributing to the purse of the  Manyu project. May the Good Lord reward you abundantly.

It is my intention to work closely with the Interim Government (I/G)   its ancillary organs, and all who stand for the progress and emancipation of our long subjugated and suffering people and land. You shall expect a more comprehensive policy position of my administration in the coming days. As I said before, your ideas and input are welcome. Together we shall get there.

Long Live Manyu

Long Live Southern Cameroons

Sisiku Dr Ako Peter