Southern Cameroons Crisis: Manyu Advisory Council rejects funds from MECA-USA Transition Council 0

From: Manyu Advisory Council in the Diaspora (MAC)

To: Chairperson- MECA USA Transition Council, ManyuVoice

Subject: Rejection of Funds for Manyu Relieve Efforts

It is with deep feelings of patriotism to MANYU that the Manyu Advisory Council informs you of an unanimous decision by members to reject the $3000 you reluctantly agreed to disburse to MAC. The requested funds were to be used for relief efforts in Manyu following the unilateral and senseless decision by Mr. Paul Biya to declare war against unarmed people of Southern Cameroons. Unfortunately unnecessary delays predicated on political undercurrents have not made this happen up to this very moment.

The delay in disbursing the funds, unnecessary politicking and lack of commitment to the cause of Manyu and other untoward behaviour by some members of the Transition Council have informed our decision today. Our intelligence sources have revealed that the Transition Council has been heavily infiltrated by agents of Biya’s CPDM party. That’s exactly why they would want the Transition Council to operate strictly according to the Biya/CPDM script. MAC formerly distances itself from a Transition Council dominated by stooges and/or apologists of the hostile, evil and soulless CPDM Party and Francophone government. We suggest you send the $3000 to your patrons in Yaounde, to assist them re-elect your god, Paul Biyal so he can continue to kill our people for your anticipated political advancement.

Thank you.

Sincerely, MAC Administrators. The Manyu Advisory Council