Southern Cameroons Crisis: Manyu Ghost Warriors issue statement on the Eyumojock Attack 0

The Commanding Officer

Manyu Ghost Warriors Battalion

Subject: The Eyumojock 18/04/2018 Attack

Category: Unclassified

Following the publishing of a gruesome video on social media in which the thugs of LRC paraded the corpses of 3 young men they claimed were part of the MG Restoration forces, we launched a thorough investigation and want to officially inform the public of the following findings:

➢ There was no MG Battalion mission planned for Eyumojock on the 14th April 2018

➢ The Eyumojock attack was a brazen act of robbery carried out by unidentified elements against a popular beer parlor owned by a certain Mr. Ojang Stephen.

➢ These bandits held the Sales girl and other customers captive at gun point and stole an unknown amount of money

➢ They then moved to other localities towards the Eyumojock Gendarmerie post with the intent of carrying out further acts of vandalism and banditry.

➢ These thieves were ambushed and killed by the Gendarmes

➢ Their bodies were then displayed in Public and labelled as Restoration forces

We want the public to know that while we regret the waste of human lives put on display like some trophy to boost the ego of the LRC thugs, we equally take this opportunity to assure you that the gory video you watched was pure propaganda by the LRC thugs. The intention was to shock public opinion into losing faith in the capability of the Manyu Ghost Warriors to protect its people.

We want to assure the public that this piece of cheap LRC designed propaganda video had nothing to do with the brave and well trained Manyu Ghost Warriors who operate under the very strict supervision of professional Commanders.

Finally, we want to assure the public that we have performed a head count of all the boys in our MG battalions and none of them is missing.

As Commander of the 2nd Brigade of ASC, I am sending this as the official report received so far from one of the defense units partially operating in that brigade. I am still waiting for reports from other defense units.

Brigade Commander

Ekri Kak