Southern Cameroons Crisis: Minister Victor Mengot’s politics of rice and beans 0

Dear Editor,

On the 18th of January 2018, I raised my concerns through your media outlet about the so-called MECDA statement issued by Minister Victor Mengot calling for an ‘initiative’ to raise money to help our brothers and sisters who have escaped to seek refuge in Nigeria. This so-called statement made no mention of the fact that this crisis is as a direct result of the policies of a regime he represents.

I predicted accurately and warned him that the days of political fibbers like him misleading our parents with rice and beans were truly over. My advice was not noticed by his highness. Armed with bags of rice, beans, salt and other food items of little or no value, the Minister headed to Mamfe to do what his predecessors did to our parents- dupe them.

A friend, who attended the circus to give me accurate information observed that the place was filled with empty chairs and fresh air. The people of Mamfe had boycotted. He said an elderly gentleman in Main Street Mamfe noted ‘the days of rice and beans politics are over. Let him use the money to buy more creaming lotion’.

This avoidable public humiliation for Minister Mengot is characteristic of CPDM. A country built on mediocrity can never produce anything better. Faced with a serious crisis, and in a state of affairs where his people are being murdered by the government he represents, he lacks the intellectual depth to drum up policies or the politics to persuade the murderer of Mvomeka to seek another path. All he can come up with is the text book politics of old.

As he heads back to Yaoundé with his tail between his legs, I hope he got the message loud and clear. I hope he informs his boss that Mamfe and Manyu people are Ambazonians and are not for turning.



Robert Ashu Mengot

Copenhagen, Denmark